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What Garrick's Clients are saying...

"Garrick Lane is one of the most creative talents I have worked with in my professional career. He has the unique ability to identify and capture what is relevant not only to his customers, but his customer’s customers. He has the vision to create a fresh video perspective that speaks to the customer creating an emotional connection between the business and the consumer. He is truly exceptional at what he does. He creates "moments" that people carry with them throughout their lifetime." Tracey Trimble, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Hickory Furniture Mart.

"I felt lucky as I was rewarded with one of the most gifted people I have ever met in my project. Innovative, hard working, passionate with a vision like no other. Garrick brings out of the box thinking to reality."

Web Video is the New Television. Why not use somebody that has worked in it since You Tube introduced it?